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Best bass headphones?

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Hello everybody,  I am a major bass head and I am getting myself a new pair of headphones for Christmas I have done extensive research and have 3 headphones i've been looking at.  You can suggest any other headphones i didn't list if you think your suggestion is better


1. Sony xb500-


2.Skullcandy Crusher-


3. Panasonic HTF600-


I don't really care about anything else other than the bass so only suggest BIG BASS headphones.



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Audio Technica ATH-M50s are really good, especially if you pair them up with an external amp.. Also the Beyerdynamic Custom One Pros.

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Would i really need an amp for any bass headphones or would a built in EQ on my phone work fine too?

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Can anybody else answer my question?

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The built in EQ obviously helps, but an amp is the best option.

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Check |joker|'s thread out:

There are at least two of the three you listed on the review, as well as the ath-m50 suggested. Takes a little while to load, so read and cut-and-paste whatever review you are peaks your interest on a doc, save after every C+P and compare for yourself what kind of bass you want, as well as comfort. To me, the ath-es7 (now the ath es700s) have a fun sound signature and have great bass. Comfort is so-so, highly suggest a velour pads replacement from ebay. Wish he had some more newer reviews for portables, but it is still a darn good thread. Have fun searching, dude.
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Head-fi search for portable amp shootouts:

The first three result threads are good, make sure your future can max. power input matches or is above the the max. power output of the amp, so that can drivers are not potentially blown.
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While the crusher by no means offers professional audio, it is an extremely entertaining pair to listen to. I was laughing when I tried these and I had the bass all the way up. They create an illusion of the thump you'd feel if you were at a concert for example. If you appropriately adjust the bass though, you can still actually get some pretty decent sound. You also get the lifetime warranty and the cable is replaceable. I can't offer a yes or no if you should get it because it's the only one I've tested in your list, but you can decide by my experience if that's what you want or not.
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