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Good starter cans.

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Hi everyone newbie here, first post so go easy, 18 yrs old and Life has really hit the bricks and music is the only enjoyment I have left anymore so im slowly unfortunately becoming an audiophile, Bought some beats studios the other day and am slowly becoming very disappointed with them and regret getting them, I don't know very much about music quality these were my first "good" headphones but I do know that they are not for me, listened to a pair of akg's the other day and they were so much better, been doing some research so hopefully I can more describe what im trying to find. Going to return the beats and look for something else, im looking for something pretty neutral, good highs, good mids, decent bass and somewhat spacial, something good for all types of music, can be open or closed back it doesnt matter, I also dont mind leak as long as everything still sounds good because these beats have muddy bass that drown out everything else when I listen to metal and the spacial's suck for most of any of the rock songs Ive listened to, it sounds like everyone is huddled around the drums and that is not cool, I DO NOT LIKE RAP and I feel like that is what beats are for after owning them for a couple days. was checking out the Sennheiser HD 558's and 598's online thinking about the 558's since ive been reading about a more airy bass on the 598's and my budget is no more than $200, I dont want overpowering bass but I would like to feel some thump. but like I said im not really sure what to or where to start looking for something great for all types no headphones stores around here and I wanna make the right choice this time, Thanks guys.

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The Audio Technica ATH-M50 comes to mind.  It was one of my first real upgrades and they are also extremely well built.

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Definitely try the ATH M50s, they're good, well built and not that expensive. 


The Sennheiser HD 598s are awesome too (they're open though) and they cost under $200.

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I don't recommend M50 if you want something neutral. Although it's built well, it's somewhat uncomfortable because your ears could touch the felt in front of the drivers and the small cups can make your ears hot very fast.


HD558/598, which you mentioned, are pretty good. Consider also AKG K271 MkII.

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Id go for the m50 or v6, not the 598.

The 558 is better than both of those, but I don't know how much bass you'll need.
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The ATH-M50 sounds pretty neutral for a closed can with a nicely extended bass and treble region.  The HD558 and HD598 for that matter are not constructed nearly as well as the ATH-M50.  I have experience with both and no longer have the HD558.

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I agree with the  ATH-M50.

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