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Asynchronous USB Audio Driver

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Hi all,


I have a problem, well.. I had a problem that has been solved, but the solution probably is not optimal, and therefore I would ask you.


My DAC is a Lindemann USB DAC 24/192. The driver for the dac is simply bad. I do not know if it is bad becouse has not been optimize for my system (Intel Windows 7 64 bits), or has a bug. The case is that the latency is horrible. I tried everything: deactivate all (services, other devices, antivirus, firewall, all), and it did not work. Update the firmware of the device, update the drivers of the device, update other drivers (all that was possible to update): nothing!


I also have a Fiio E17, so looking if the problem was in my system, tried the Fiio and the latency was very low and fine.


Reading a little on the Lindemann software I noticed one thing: looks like the provider of the driver is "Galaxy Far East Corp".


So, with the "Galaxy Far East Corp" information, I look in google and I found the Nuforce website: they use the same provider for the drivers. After every other intent failed, my last resource was to deinstall the Lindemann driver, and try the Nuforce. I shall say, it works very well.


First Question: Lindemann has two version of the DAC, the old one (mine), that uses a Tenor USB chip, and a new one that uses an XMOS chip. I am not sure, but I would say Nuforce probably uses (the most common?) XMOS. Can the driver be generic enough, as that the use of another USB Chip does not matter at all? Lindemann has two different drivers, one for each chip, so I am confused.


Second Question: The old driver did not include any ASIO, and now I have it. Is ASIO only related to the driver? Or is a hardware characteristic? (sorry for this very basic question).


Many thanks in advance for your help,


Best Regards,



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They tend to be for the driver but hardware specific. I would check to see if there are any buffer settings and reduce those as much as possible without dropouts. Other than that it's simply trying things and hoping to get lucky.

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The ASIO option does not work, so you are right and it is hardware specific. Other than that, the NuForce driver works much better than the original one. It looks also as it is a newer version. I will write to the manufacturer and ask if they have a newer version, probably they do.

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Galaxy Far East Corp makes the Tenor chips.


There is an official specification for high-speed USB audio devices (USB Audio Class 2.0, which is not the same as USB 2.0), but according to their website, the Tenor firmware does not support that and requires a hardware-specific driver.

What you have are two Tenor drivers (probably just different versions of the same driver).

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