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Hi everyone,


New to the head-fi community, but have been lurking for quite some time.  I recently purchased a LCD-2.2 and would like some recommendations on best way to drive them given current equipment and budget.


I currently have a Audioengine D1 for my portable unit (which I read can drive the headphones ok, but not the best), and a NAD D1050 for my home system.  Previously they were used to drive a B&W P7, which I will use as my work and portable headphones.  Also have a PSB M4U2 for travel.


Some questions I have are

  1. How would the NAD drive the LCD-2.2?  I can't find specific specs on their headphone amp.  Has anyone heard this DAC with the LCD?
  2. If down the line, with a budget of ~$1000, would it be ok to get an amp like the Schiit Mjolnir and use the balanced outputs on the dac -> amp, or would it be better to get totally new amp/dac?  I think I asked this in the best amp for LCD 2 thread, but it might have been a bit off topic.  If replacement, which would be my best choice given my budget?
  3. Would it be better to go for the LCD-X given they are easier to drive with the budget instead?


I tend to listen to a wide variety of music including progressive rock, classical, electronica, pop, string instruments, piano.


Anyways, any suggestions would be welcome, thanks!


Edit: Changed title to better reflect intent.  

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