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AudioMinor Impressions Thread

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After I bought my dream setup of Audeze LCD-3 and Bryston BHA-1 I searched for a new cable for my Audeze. After I started a search over google I coincidentally found an ebay Shop AudioMinor ( AudioMinor making different cables for years and offer cables for portable setups, interconnect, diymod service and also headphone cables like the Audeze cable which I need. I started to contact the company and had a very friendly communication with Bogac Tekman so in the end I decided to order the cable.


I want to start this thread with a little review (my first review here in the forum) about the Audeze cable and hope that other people can also post their impressions of the Audeze cable or other AudioMinor cable.


AudioMinor offer the Audeze cable in different lengths with different plugs. Because I wanted to go to a full balanced setup I decided to buy it with a 4 Pin XLR plug in 10 feet length.





Build & Look:


The cable is made from 99,99% pure cryoed 20awg four braided copper wire. It is really flexible and has a PE insulation. The two 4 pin mini XLR female plugs are gold plated and the 4 pin XLR plug is a Neutrik plug. All plugs are also cryoed.


The build quality is very good and it looks great especially in combination now with my LCD-3 it is an eye catcher!






Before I tested the sound quality of the cable I first burned it in for about 24hours. The first impression after burn-in was wow, what a clean and punchy sound with a sense of air. But we all know that first impressions are nonsense when you don’t make a direct comparison and so I take a few test songs and compared the stock cable with the AudioMinor cable.


My test songs:

Jethro Tull - Aqualung

Haken - Atlas Stone

Dream Theater - Awake

Depeche Mode – A Question Of Lust

Queen - The Miracle

Brothers In Arms - Money For Nothing


Overall the sound quality is a step up from the stock cable ADZ-6 with 4 pin XLR plug. Switching back from the stock cable to the AudioMinor cable makes an improvement in an overall cleaner sound. The bass region with the stock cable is already very good. But with the AudioMinor it is also an improvement in better bass detail. The sonic signature of the LCD-3 doesn’t touch and that is good. It is not a huge step from the stock cable but the differences are noticeable. In the end I’m very happy with the AudioMinor cable.





I think for the money the cable is a good deal! In the standard configuration with 5 feet length it costs 130$ (shipping free!). If you are looking for a new not too expensive cable to reach a higher level with your Audeze in Look&Sound I can recommend the AudioMinor cable.


Additional photos of other AudioMinor cables are available here:


Thank you for reading my review!


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I bought a custom mini-to-mini cable from the same vendor, although it was a direct purchase and not over Ebay.


I have to admit up-front that I dont believe in audio cables making a noticeable difference.  What I wanted was a well-made cable of adequate thickness, high-quality construction and made to my specs, in terms of cable length.   And I am very satisfied with the product I got - high-quality braided cable, robust plugs and well-made.


I have seen similarly-priced cables on sale for 3-4 times the price, which makes me wonder "wtf".     For a custom, hand-made product, the pricing of the AudioMinor cables is *very* reasonable and I for one would not spend any more on cables.


Anyway, highly recommended!   I'll be buying a few more cables from him as well.

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I have shared my review for AudioMinor cryoed cable(s) and wanted to share here:

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Audiominor Pitch Black IEM Cable


First, the build quality.

As I stated before, these cables are handcrafted. For something hand created, the overall build quality is quite impressive. Whether it’s the jack, connections, or the Y-split Bogac built it like a tank. It feels durable and strong. But hey, don’t get me wrong, these guys are slim and flexible too! Cable itself is PE insulated, croyed silver and the covering of the cable is pitch black and smooth. The 3.5mm jack is made by Viablue and give a great sense of quality. The Y-split is hard black plastic and feels firm. The pins are connected together with heat shrink and reinforced with an adhesive.




Second, Sound.

I don’t like to talk about the changes so much since many believes that it is a subjective matter BUT, there are things that cannot be unseen. Sorry, unheard. Generally, the Audiominor Pitch Black IEM cable improved the detail level and soundstage. I can also say that instrument separation got better. The SD-2’s 3D imaging were very good already so I can’t spot a difference there. The most apparent change was in low freqs. Bass control, depth, speed and vividness increased admirably. (SD-2’s weakest point was it’s low freqs. WAS.)


Third, Ergonomics.

Although it depends, I hate the memory wire. They feel too harsh and they hurt after some hours of use. The Audiominor Pitch Black IEM Cable does not have memory wires. Due to great flexibility and thinness of the cable, I cannot find any other word rather than perfect to describe the ergonomics.





Fourth, Microphonics.

What microphonics are we talking about? I can’t spot any?


Fifth and the last, Summary.

The Audiominor Pitch Black Upgrade Cable is a well built, ergonomically kind and exquisite sounding cable.







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I have two cryoed "Pure Copper" cables from AudioMinor (compicatx), one for an Audeze LCD-3F and one for my Senn HD 650. I am very satisfied with both. They do need some time for break-in (about 100 hours), but then both sound much better than the standard cables! I like the Pure Copper cables especially because they do not change the frequency spectrum of the headphones, such as some other custom cables do (especially more and harsher treble with cables with silver content). Of course some more expensive cables are still "better", a bit more detailed (such as the Nordost Heimdall 2 with Audeze), but at multiples of AudioMinor cables' prices.

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Looks amazing! Excited to get my hands on one, look through their Ebay store now.

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I ordered the Mahogany Litz for my Aurisonic Kickers. Cant wait to hear try this cable out.

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Hey guys I recently received Audiominor's new lineup to test. Original post from my high end cable thread:


Audiominor lineup impressions:


-'Celestine' silver/gold ($375)

-'Mahogany' copper ($260)

-'Marquise' silver/gold & copper hybrid ($350)


I came in contact with Bogac when I need some connectors and jacks changed for cables I wanted to sell, and we ended up talking a bit. Bogac is a kind-hearted soul, a true gentleman and genuine person. When you hang around in this business long enough you get to deal with a lot of different types, so I'm always very pleased with the positive exceptions - Bogac definitely belonging in that category.


Audiominor recently refreshed their website and lineup, and now feature three iem cables: a silver/gold alloy, copper and hybrid cables. All cables use a litz construction (each wire consists of multiple smaller wires). The cables have a high quality feel to them, with thick wires, a solid build construction and quality Eidolic components (plug, splitter and connectors; similar to Norne cables for instance), as well as a spherical wooden slider. However, the cables can be customised with different components to match personal taste. The wires are a bit stiffer, which makes them slightly less flexible than a thin stock cable, but not to the point you can't curl them up into a slim carrying case. All in all, the cables have the solid feel and looks of a quality upgrade cable. 


'Celestine' Silver/Gold Litz 

Audiominor's silver/gold has a recognisable tone, a classic signature for modern silver alloy cables: a clear sound with punchy bass and transparent treble. The cable does have a slight V-shape with less prominent lower mids and slightly enhanced treble. Instruments are well defined, and there's an apparent upgrade in overall resolution and detail retrieval from a stock cable. Vocals lack a bit of lower midrange fill, and do sound less deep and full especially compared to the Mahogany copper cable. The cable refrains from sounding cold or bright, as there is a pleasant warmth from the mid-bass that prevents it from sounding analytical. The Celestine is a cable that competes with cables as the Toxic Silver Widow, DHC Symbiote V3 Silver Litz, and Rhapsodio Luna to name a few; both in price and performance.



'Mahogany' Copper Litz

The Copper Mahogany is a beauty to behold with its dark brown, chocolate coloured wires. Generally coppers have that sort of pinkish orange look, but the Audiominor looks very classy indeed. The copper is smooth in the upper midrange and lower treble, and warm and lush, due to a thicker mid-bass presentation; yet the treble doesn't drown in the warmth. I've been listening to a lot of silvers last months, so I was very pleasantly surprised with the Mahogany. It gives a natural tone to a brighter iem like the Galaxy, but even when listening with the Solar with its enhanced mid-bass (usually best paired with a high resolution silver), the sound was a very musical combination of warmth with sparkly treble. Vocals are its strong suit; powered with warmth from the mid-bass, they sound emotional and deep. 



'Marquise' Silver/Copper Hybrid

The Marquise is the love baby of the former two, consisting of alternating silver/gold and copper litz wires. The silver/white and dark brown form a beautiful contrast, that remind me of the white and dark chocolate sprinkles I gobbled up as a kid. I've had a few hybrids before, but have never been a great fan of them so it took a while before I picked up the Marquise. But it might be the one that surprised me the most, mainly because of its spacious sounding stage. Its signature is very linear, with a controlled mid-bass and moderate warmth and treble; but in accordance with its mid-bass control, the separation is outstanding and the stage is airy and wider than the other two. A very pleasant and allround cable to listen to; it's well paired with a warmer iem like the Solar that gives it a cleaner stage, a brighter iem like the Galaxy or something more neutral like the S-EM9 or Apollo. 



All in all, Audiominor's cables left a very good impression and it's nice to see a fresh company being able to compete with the established companies like Whiplash and Toxic. Looking forward to hearing more in the future!

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I recently ordered a 4pin XLR to 1/4 extension from AudioMinor and I have to say I'm really satisfied with the build quality and looks (unfortunately I don't have any other extension cables to compare it against sonically). Shipping was fast too, took 1 week from Turkey to the UK.


Compicat is a nice gentleman, and he really cares about his customers and products.


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It seems compicat (AudioMinor) is banned from community because of fraud.

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Originally Posted by ER4S View Post

It seems compicat (AudioMinor) is banned from community because of fraud.


Oh no.


I just bought a silver mini to mini interconnect from his eBay store.

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