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For Sale:
SOLD - Q-Audio Headphone Cable For Hifiman - 12 Foot - Black Silk - Shipping Included

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hi Everyone,


If you need a very nice, long upgraded cable for your Hifiman headphones, it's your lucky day. Up for sale just in time for Christmas is my 12-foot,  Q-Audio Black Silk extension cable. One one end is a 1/4" phone plug. The other end has the connectors needed for direct connection to your Hiffimans. This was one of the last cables that Steve made without the now-required in-line earning adapters... extra connectors are never a good thing for SQ. Q-Cables are beautifully made and perfectly behaved. They just lay perfectly and have zero micro-phonics.


I am going potable, as I find i don't get much listening in at home anymore. List price for a cable this long cable is about $355. You can check it out at: I'll throw in the shipping if you meet my price. Thanks for your interest.


Happy Listening & Merry Christmas!