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Christmas List Help

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I believe I posted this in the wrong forum since I didn't get any input. Hopefully this location is more appropriate.


Over the last year or so I've slowly build up my headphone collection.  I am ready to take the next step and trying to narrow my list down.  So far I have it narrowed to the DT880, HE400, and HD650 in no particular order. I enjoy a broad range of music ranging from rock, country, modern rock, and jazz.  Of my collection, I like my COPs the best.  Qualities I am looking for in the next step up include:


- Enhanced detail, but not to the extent where it becomes fatiguing 

- Improved soundstage 

- Extended bass, I enjoy the sound of my COPs, but wonder if they aren't capturing some of the lower notes accurately

- Quality and reliable construction

I only have one amp at the moment (FIO E17) and primarily listen on my Macbook Pro or iPhone.  Adding the FIO E09K could be a possibility.

Comments and/or suggestions appreciated.


Thank You,

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HE 400. Consider also getting audio gd 15.32 dac/amp.

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