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DYI simple Microphone mute button

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Hey everyone,


Tried to google it but most of links related to professional mics with that 4 pin connector. 


What i want is to make some Antlion (they are totally out of stock, but i believe when V4 is out i will still order, but i want to have mic now) analog for ATH-A900X i ordered and waiting for holidays :) So ordered this mic on DX, and some magnets, with some imagination and 3M i think something nice can be made.. 


But main problem for me that there is no mute switch (and i don't want software one), still electronics stores have switches like this ESP10XX series. But there is 2 questions for me as an electronics noob..:


1. As i understand to mute mic it is enough to "break" either ground either signal wire (with help of switch in this case)

2. Mentioned switch is ON-ON type, and has 3 legs, so connecting ground to middle and left or right legs makes signal come through when switch is in left or right position accordingly, and other leg is unused and unnecessary?


Will my idea work, is this right kind of switch?


Maybe anyone have something  to add or advice? BTW if it will be interesting i could make some DYI post then...



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The switch you described is a single pole double throw toggle switch. It will work fine the way you describe...Personally, I would break the signal wire and leave the ground alone. You could also find a single pole single throw switch which is just on/off. Look for a micro toggle switch.

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Hey, thank you! You mean something like this? But anyway, got the idea, so can move on :)

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That switch would be just fine...

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