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Focal Spirit Classic vs Focal Spirit Professional Vs Bowers & Wilkins P7

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HI all, I listen to many different genere of music (mostly classical). I play keyboard and organ also. which pair of phones do you think would give you the most detail mid range clearness and highs.

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Are you looking for portable headphones? Also what is the price point you are considering?
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Price point is not an problems and it does not matter if its portable or not

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Hmmm... have got the Pro's and have been wearing them out and about, to me they sounded close to the P7 just as good and more versatile but I could only try the P7 in a store under pressure rather than be able to sit down and evaluate subtle nuances etc. Am thinking about sending the Pro's back for the Classics which is what has led me to this thread... to me the Pro's are good, they do their job as they're made for the studio but they lack an edge some would want for casual use, hence why Focal brought out the Classic which are warmer. Portably the Pros work well as they're made to be rugged but they felt  bit cold to me... am going back and forth on whether to keep them or not, not sure I can relax and listen to them.

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I have not heard the pros but recently purchased the classics about two weeks ago and after a very short break in period, they do have a some what warm quality to them. To my ear they have a very flat frequency response,neutral, sweet, sweet incredibly natural midrange, sparkling highs but in no way fatiguing. In my opinion very true to whatever music i throw at them. I listen to little of everything but primarily vocal jazz and i am more than pleased with my purchase. Everything i own sound from good to great on them. I hope that helps.
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Oh and one other thing, only two slight negatives, if you have fat head like me, the clamping force maybe a little strong and the memory foam pads get a little warm. Thank goodness it's winter time! Lol!
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Good if you can upgrade the cable apparently.... was thinking about cutting the 4m one into an easier size and using it but a review says that the phones sound better using the FSP cable so its likely that an upgrade is needed regardless.

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Forgot to take photos of the Spirit Pro's I had in... they were (IMO) more stylish than the Classic but that's me, got no real need for touchy feely headbands or snazzy headgear. Also, note that the Focal's FOLD... no one mentioned this in any of the reviews there's only been one pic of them on here in a folded position, they fold inward like the P5's so they're "portable" and fit into a bag they come with. Was a big seller for me actually had the Pro's and didn't know that they could tuck themselves away like that until noticing an image of the Classic folded. Haven't tried them yet, thinking I'm gonna need an amp to really rock these. Not sure if I want to wait to get an RSA 71B or be impatient and get an IBasso PB2 for kicks and upgrade later. The records stacked up behind it are my 2013 vinyl purchases I'm yet to open and play with.

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