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I've been looking for the right headphones (my first ones) for a few weeks; the first I really considered was AKG k619 ( which I can buy for 70 euros (about 95$), but I was not really convinced by them. Now I found Sony MDR 10rcw and they seem to be exactly what I was looking for: they have teorically good technical specs, microphone and controls on the cord (by the way, would they work with my samsung android phone?), they look quite cool and, most of all, the should have a good sound; the haedphones are these ones ( and the price I would have to pay is 115 euros (155$). But now I wonder if it is really worth spending so much money (almost 50E more than AKGs) considering that I will only use them with mp3s (mostly 320kbps) on my phone. Would I really notice actual improvements comparing to the 70E AKG? Unfortutately I am not able to test myself any headphone at all since the shops in my city don't let people do so, so I need your help; I've read a few reviews but there are not a lot on the web, maybe because it's a new product. Do you think it is worth spending this money on these headphones for me? And, in general, are Sony MDR 10rcw good, both in terms of sound and build quality? (Something I heard about AKG k619 is that they tend to crack after a few months and that's obviously something I'd prefer to avoid); is Sony considered to be a good headphones builder, at this price level? I mostly listen to Rock, and anyway to instrument-played, not electronic music, and I'm going use the headphones outside too, if that makes any difference. Sorry if there are mistakes (I'm Italian), and thanks in advance for every answer :)

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