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speaker pins?

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I get the idea speaker pins through the hole of a binding post are not so desirable. i just put them on a cable because i had them. are spades and bananas much better?


edit: sorry for another stupid question. if they are okay or not I did not think so. got spades today.

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As said on Wikipedia:


Commonly designed in a style called five-way or universal, such binding posts allow the connection of several different types of connections:

  • Banana plugs, inserted into the open end of the binding post
  • Pin connectors, inserted into a hole drilled through the metal post and clamped by the screw-down portion of the binding post.
  • Bare wire inserted through the same hole and clamped, or
  • Wrapped around the metal post and clamped.
  • lug terminal inserted around the metal post and clamped.


A binding post is multi functional, so it really is up to the user, or whatever the job requires.

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