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in ears for metal

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Hello, my birthday is coming up and i really want new earphones to upgrade from the free galaxy earphones.

I mainly listen to metal bands such as: Epica, Death, Opeth, Dream Theater, Nightwish, Metallica, ect.

my budget is about 70 usd and I want to order through ebay only.

also no over ear full size cans, i don't want heavy headphones on my head every day when i walk to school and i don't want to attract attention and be high profile, and the headphones must have noise cancelling (passive, not active) and be closed headphones.

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nvm, I bought the Soundmagic E10, awesome in ears, I am so happy with them :D

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Hi, I'm glad you got something you like (even though you got no reply here)!


The E10s are fantastic for the money, I have a pair myself :o

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