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Pairing Amp for the MadDogs by MrSpeaker

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Has anyone found a portable amp that can really power the Mad Dogs well? Going to be using mostly with iPhone 5 but willing to make the switch to iPod classic if necessary. Assuming I'll also need and LOD and maybe a DAC? I'm not too sure. Also a side not, I'm not too sure of the difference between the three types of Mad Dog cans for sale - one is 299.99 one is 339.99 and one is 399.99. Something about Universal Mad Dog and Balanced. If someone could help enlighten much would be appreciated. 


EDIT: Price is considered but can be a good amp. I'd like to get some open cans for desktop listening in the future so I'd like the amp to grow with my headphone collection rather than have to upgrade with each new pair.

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There's a whole thread on this, do a search. I'm on my phone so it's a little difficult to link. I use the PB2 with good results with the mad dogs. There are some other amps also which have enough power to drive them properly. The MadDogs sound better with more power generally.
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There is a thread but it's hard to find clear suggestions honestly. Also the OP of that thread has a price limit which I am willing to go over by quite a bit. So I'm looking for some clear suggestions in a higher price range - still portable of course. Also am unclear whether i need an amp AND DAC or if there are higher end ones that are a combo or how exactly to pair these things with my iPhone 5 or iPod classic for the best SQ.

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Keep in mind that your two sources work very differently when it comes to how they work with a dac/amp. Without searching the forums to confirm, I don't think you are able to get digital audio out of the iPod Classic to use with a dac. In that case you will need a good LOD to deliver the analog signal (that's processed by the iPods internal dac) to a headphone amplifier. There are lots of choices in that category but I haven't stayed up on stand alone amps.

If you want a great dac/amp for the iPhone 5, I would look at Centrance HiFi-M8. http://centrance.com/products/hifi-m8/. It accepts the digital signal from your idevice and bypasses the iPhones internal dac. This unit is taking head-fi by storm and you can find lots of info on this site. I own the MadDogs 3.2 and I plan on getting the HiFi-M8 for myself.

The $399 MadDog has a pro audio XLR cable that is heavy duty and shielded. You use that with an amp that has full size XLR connections. Very few portable amps have that connection with the exception of the HiFi-M8 which can be ordered that way. The $339 MadDogs have a universal cable system which can be switched out to many different inputs using MadDog supplied cables. Note that you have to order at least one type of cable so the price is closer to $399 by the time you finish. The $299 cans come with a 1/4" and 3.5 connection available on most amps.
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