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Audio confilcts

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I'm having issues with only being able to run one audio stream at a time. I'm currently running Windows 7->Essence stx toslink out->Schiit Bifrost->Bottlehead Crack->Sennheiser HD650. Before I got the Bifrost, when I was running rca out from the stx, I could pause a movie in jriver to watch a youtube video without issue. Now, I have to completely close out jriver before youtube will play. Or close the youtube tab to play music in jriver. I'm guessing it's either a sampling issues, or a first come first serve issue with asio. Does anyone have any input or a solution with this one?

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When you say pause do you mean stop?  I've noticed before that If I'm using a hardware direct mode (i.e. WASAPI/ASIO) in JRiver, I have to completely stop playback before other applications will play audio to that card.

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I have to stop it completely to have another audio stream go. The outlook notification sound actually stopped the audio from the movie I'm watching when the head-fi thread update email came in. I'm just trying to find out if there's a way I can not run into these conflicts every time.

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Have you tried using WASAPI instead of ASIO?  I think if you uncheck "open device for exclusive access" under device settings that changes how this acts.  Then applications using Direct-Sound should be able to access the output too.  Not sure if ASIO has that option, but might be worth looking for if you'd rather stick with it.

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Usually ASIO compatible software has an option for to release ASIO driver when not used (though, it's not enough with interfaces which can't change samplerate w/o restarting the software or reboot). Does JRiver have this option?

It's also possible that this is the way STX ASIO driver/hardware deals with digital I/O (keeps the connection until destroyed).

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With Wasapi enabled, jriver won't run an audio stream at all. I just get an error message. I tried the full combination of things between Wasapi (with and without event style), asio, exclusive access setting, enabled and disabled secondary audio devices, and I'm still getting the same thing. My only guess at this point is either driver first come first serve and/or different the sample rate of the first thing playing not allowing a stream with a different sample rate to start.


As a secondary, will the asus driver matter when using asio? As far being the asus asio or unidriver? Also just to clarify, I read repeatedly that once everything is setup and running through a dac, setting sample and bit rates in the windows settings won't matter as it is all handled externally. I read it enough to assume that it's true, but this wouldn't effect the issue right?

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