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Introduction & Reccomendations

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Hey all!
   My name is Samuel, and I am a 19 year old university student majoring in Psychology with minors in music theory, dance, and creative writing. Music listening has been a particularly large portion of my life - I spend most of my waking hours doing so, with at least some time dedicated each day to just listening to new pieces. I am about 18 months into teaching myself piano, coming from playing upright\electric bass and flute. I've got an ear for pretty much all music; I have a particular love for metal core\core in general, but I also enjoy some oldschool funk, post-rock, industrial \ vast assortment of non-US music, in addition to neo-classical music and the baroque period. I also spend a fairly large amount of time listening to piano arrangements of various works.

   That being said, now that I am in college, I spend a lot of time at a desk \ computer. The vast majority of my classwork consists of writing papers - I am at a computer close to two hours a day. Thus, I have decided that a pair of quality headphones would be a nice investment. I use a pair of Klipsch s4's for buds, but all three pairs I have had broke within a month of use - I am not sure what I do to them. That is part of my desire fro a pair of over ear phones; they'd be something that sit at my desk, and do not move. 

   Granted, I AM a broke college kid. I have been saving up for a few months, and I have roughly $200.00 free to spend. I was planning to pick up both a DAC and a pair of over-ear phones, but I am not particularly sure what I should be looking for. I have spent about a week researching, and have not came up with very much at all. 

So, what do you guys think? I was looking at a DAC because my Cowon player recently died, so I can only listen through a laptop with a miserable soundcard at the moment. Would it be more beneficial to scrap the $100 I was planning to spend on a DAC and put it towards a better set of headphones? What are your guys' recommendations?

Thanks so much for any opinions you might have! Let me know if I can be more specific about something.

Here are some samples of what generally represents my music preferences:



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Hey! currently audioquest dragonfly DAC is on sale for 100 dollars. They are phenomenal for 100 bucks. I would definitely consider jumping on that. I just recently got mine and its quite an impressive lil guys.


That would leave you with 100 bucks. Seems like your taste can vary. Are you looking more specifically for over the ears?

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PS that Sonny Trouble sound is pretty damn cool!

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Yeah, the over-ears are what I find most comfortable. If it is not ideal for listening, I could probably get used to something else.

I'm glad you liked Sonny Trouble! He doesn't have much out, but his stuff is up for free\by donation at bandcamp.


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I think the best option is 100 dollars for dragonfly and maybe a UE 6000 which is currently on sale for 70 dollars
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