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Biased Opinions aside... Skullcandy Question.

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I've had more than enough time to get accustomed to listening with high tier cans, and as a result I find myself reluctant to use lower quality headphones because I can notice the change in SS/Fidelity whatever..


I have a weird issue with myself though because I have zero problem picking up most of the "higher" tier cans that skullcandy has been pumping out. The Hesh 2.0, Aviators, Mix Master, Fix In-ears, and the Crusher's all have a spot on my rack and I use them frequently when out and about doing my thing.


Mind you I'm running the HD650's coupled with the WA3 at home, and I love it. I just can't get over the fact that I love the way the SKDY's sound >.<  The Mix Masters are fun as hell, the Aviators are pleasant when listening to acoustic works, while the Hesh, Fix IEMs, and the Crushers all kick some SERIOUS ass when listening the almost an EDM tracks.


Is it just me? Or has Skullcandy just gotten that much better?

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I think my Crushers have very fun sound. I feel like it's alright to sacrifice some minor issues for headphones that just make you feel happy.

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I feel like many of these more consumer oriented headphone companies are actually stepping it up a bit. Beats recently put out 2 solid pairs of headphones (from what I understand from reading, the new studios are pretty solid for bassy cans, and my personal DJ headphones of choice are the Beats Mixr), Sol Republic has solid consumer cans for the amount you can get them on amazon. Skullcandy I've heard has stepped up a bit as well which is cool, but I still don't trust them, especially when you can get the Grado SR-80s for the same price as the "Skullcrushers" I bought. They has crap tin sound and the bass was boomy and loose. Pretty much no midrange to speak of, and they broke in my girlfriends bag when she was borrowing them, so great build quality there. I should check out the new crushers since I've heard they're really great, but as Mos Def would say "I had a bad experience."

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Yeah the old Skullcrushers were not good at all in the durability market, and the sound was very artificial sounding. I upgraded to the Crushers as soon as I could and it was a much, much better experience. I have to agree on the new Studios as well, I listened to them and I was surprised at how much better the sound was than the old Studios, but I still think they're over-priced, which you can say for most of Skullcandy's products too. I want to see Skullcandy come out with noise cancelling headphones again, something that could really challenge the Beats market.

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Indeed. For clarification, I'm no fan of the Beats brand overall. I don't intend on buying the new Studios unless I like get a good deal on them from a classmate or something, but it is nice to see more consumer oriented companies stepping up to bat a bit more. We live in a world now where the average joe cares a lot more about headphones than they did even 2 or 3 years ago. Hell, even the apple earbuds you get now are a huge improvement over what they used to be. I'll stick with my HD600s, but it's at least nice to see. 

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My dt770s get the most headtime followed by hd650 but I agree. I have mix masters that are my go to portable. SK got a new sound engineer, can't remember who he used to work for(maybe audio technica?), but it was a high end company. And for my daughter who goes through earbuds like underwear you can't beat the lifetime warranty.

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My DT770's get the most head time in my collection as well. But the MMM's are the best portable sub 200$ IMO
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I actually got my MMM for $150. Can't beat that with a stick ;) They are constantly plugged into my E11 ready for duty :)

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