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Hey all. First post here

Looking for a recommendation for my next set of headphones.
Currently using my first and only pair of "good" headphones the Denon D1001. Love them but would like to take the next step

Looking for something over ear and comfortable - as well as being decently better then the Denon's.
Music will be non amplified (iPhone) and taste is a bit eclectic. Bands like Death cab, iron and Wine / postal service at one end and foo fighters at the other.

Don't have a set budget in mind but assume I would need to spend a 200-300

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If you like Denon go up on the Denon ladder. I do like the denon ah a100 anniversary headphone. To a certain extent a bit more expensive than you would like to pay, but beautiful, nice sound, and anyway, if you buy a cheaper model you would have anyway the urge sonner or later to buy an even better one. This model could be an endpoint, after which diminishing return any more expensive gear.

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Sennheiser momentum are one of the most highly regarded headphones right now, as well as the onkyo ES HF-300. If you do like the denon sound like andras suggested, you could try denon D600 if you can find them on sale or used. You can find them around 270 in some places. They have quite the V shape sound which could be good for you. Theyre not really that portable but they manage running out of an iphone.


Some other suggestions i like to put out:

Sony MDR-1R ... uber comfortable headphones

UE 6000 are currently 70 bucks... which is pretty good for the price

Philips Fidelio line could work too if you're ok with less isolation

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