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Sup! I usually spend my time scouring various review websites and comparisons to find earphones. Between questioning whether the reviewer is sponsored, and whether these amazon reviews are even remotely reliable, I was constantly referenced to this site. So far, I'm pretty much enjoying it.

Introductions aside, I'm looking for some IEM's around the 50-70 price range. I listen to pretty much just Hip-Hop, however I do not want overpowering bass. I spend a good amount of time listening to Rock, new age, and instrumental hip-hop. 

I guess it'd help to give you a list of artists that I listen to a lot which are: Kanye West, J.Cole, Nujabes, Phoenix, Oddissee, and DJ Whitesmith. 


So far, I've had the Klipsch Image S4's, the Klpisch Image x10's, and the thinksound ts01, and some Bose product I found underwhelming and overpriced. I don't think I'll be ordering the Image s4's as they broke way too easily. 


I've looked at the V-Moda Remix, sennheiser cx300b mk ii precision, and the Jlab epic headphones. I'm unsure on what to decide on, is there anything else I should definitely consider?

Also, apologies if I come off as too demanding or anything like that (personal army, etc) . Like I said, I'm unsure on any specific etiquette, but I'd really like some help!