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Hi everyone. I'm waiting for a long time a opportunity to finally buy a decent headphone and enter the world of a better sound quality. I really don't have much money, and I live in a country (Brazil) which the buying options of this kind of equipament are awful, everything where is overpriced and we pratically don't have any options in the market. But recently I got the oportunity to buy a AKG K340 In-Ear for 100 reais (about 40 dollars) and I'm really want to grab these. But I have some doubts: anyone recommend these headphones for first buy? Some reviews I read have said that these phones have a low volume output, needing for this a portable amp (out of cogitation with my actual budget possibility). This is true? Someone can confirm this to me? I have a iPod Touch of the second generation as music player, and I listen almost exclusive progressive rock. In advance, thanks for any help and sorry about the poor english.