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Xbox One Headset wiring question

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I'm hoping an audio expert can help me here.  Lately a lot of blogs and forum postings have been coming up regarding modding the new Xbox One headset to work with existing 360 headsets since the Xbox One uses a new proprietary connection to the controller vs. the old school 2.5mm jack.


The mod has raised a few questions for me due to some apparent issues that some are having with the mod.


The Xbox One adapter contains a cable with 4 cables within (blue, black, white, and bare) which are soldered to the pads on the PCB marked HPL, HPR, MIC, and GND, respectively.


A typical X360 chat cable only has 3 wires:  red (or some other color) for speaker, white for mic, and bare for ground.


The mod is typically HPL to red, MIC to white, and GND and HPR to bare.


Some have experienced issues with combining HPR and GND as a common ground whereby it causes excessive battery drain on the controller and turning the controller off.  Seemingly like an overload.  Someone has even found that HPR actually carries about 1V of voltage, which as I understand means it may not be a ground.  The current fix is to remove HPR entirely.  


This leads to the following question.  If HPR is not a ground, what is it?  The Xbox One headset speaker only has the 2 wires connected to it (HPR and HPL).  If one is not positive and the other a ground, what are they?   Also, I'm assuming the acronyms are for headphone left and headphone right, but that makes no sense given it's a single speaker.


I'm just trying to understand what these actual wires are for.  Things just aren't adding up.


Here are links to the wiring of the Xbox One Headset: (PCB)  & (speaker and mic)


Thanks in advance.

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This is a push pull speaker and effectively doubles the speaker output.

One negative,one positive. I assume since it works the black is negative.

Should not be a problem with more powerfull headphones.

I am no expert but check this link.

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