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For Sale: FS: A-T M50S with straight cord

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For Sale:
FS: A-T M50S with straight cord

Will Ship To: US Only

EDIT: all other phones sold, A-T remaining, lowered price 12-18


Trimming some phones, just have too many now.  All prices include shipping (US only, sorry) and Paypal.  No pics at the moment, camera is on the fritz, PM me for details if needed.  See my feedback new and old if any concerns about dealing with me.


  • Sennheiser 580 - fine functional condition, a couple very minor scuffs on headband, and headband padding wearing out.  I put on new earpads so those are in great condition.  Using the 600's instead of these now.  Includes a standard 650 cable, and have the option of including a Revelation Audio Labs 6ft 1/4" cable (my all-time favorite, until the Cardas Clear came along; does almost as well for a fair amount less).  $100 shipped w/stock cable, $200 with RAL.  Just phones and cable(s), have nothing else 580's SOLD, RAL SOLD.
  • A-T M50S with straight cord - in fine functional and cosmetic condition.  Comes with original box and 1/4" adapter, but missing the vinyl bag that comes with it - $70 shipped & PayPal'd, US only.
  • Grado SR-225i - basically new in package, took it out to try it, literally used once.  This was to be my next (last?) stab at Grado, like the sound a fair bit but couldn't keep them on for long periods.  But just never used these given others I have.  $130 shipped. [EDIT: 12/3 - Local Deal Pending Meet-Up on Grado's] Grado's SOLD
  • Phillips Fidelio X-1 - replace by the better-isolating NAD phones at work, though these are a heck of a lot more comfy.  A couple very minor scuffs on earpads, some I was able to wipe away (velour).  Box and original cable.  $175 shipped  SOLD


PM if interested.....




Todd - skullguise

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PM'ed about the X1

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PM'd for SR225i

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Won't send to Canada?

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