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intermittent burson conductor USB problem

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I have bought burson conductor from www.audioaffair.co.uk.   I use it connected to my macbook via usb.


Problem is that sometimes it doesn't get recognised by computer.  It doesn't appear in usb devices list.  

I tried to connect to another computer, swapped usb cable, nothing helped.


Usually it starts working by itself.   It seems that leaving amp turned on for a while helps somehow. 

Unfortunately this malfunction isn't always reproducible.   Often amp works just fine when turned on.


I don't know how likely is to get my amp replaced under warranty.


Has anyone experienced similar issues ?

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Sounds more like a connections issue or USB driver issue.


Here are a few things to try:


Remove the Power Management on all USB HUB devices in Device Manager.


This sometimes helps with USB issues.


Try several different USB ports and USB 3.0 is known to cause headaches with audio gear.

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Do What NAblur suggested, 


A question. Are you using the drivers supplied by Burson on their website? I know that the Tenor usb can be a bit problematic for some, but if that's the case, you only need a different usb module not the whole unit.  


Try asking here alternatively:


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There is no Device Manager in macos.  


I have got two macbooks with burson drivers installed on both.   If amp doesn't work with one then connecting it to other computer doesn't help.

I also have tried different usb cable, apple monitor hub and keyboard hub. Didn't work. But it happens rarely.   Maybe once a month.


Perhaps burson should have put more reliable usb card in 1.5k gbp product. 

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It is possible to connect macbook and conductor via optical toslink cable.   It should work better than usb !

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