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Bass sub $100 USD

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All right so my brothers mom is asking for suggestions for decent headphones for him sub $100 USD. My brother listens to some rock, some metal, rap, dubstep, he's a teen so whatever is popular, and also bass is the most important quality. I've asked his mother if she is looking for headphones or earphones, still waiting on a reply. Since I'm not a bass head and search on Tapatalk yielded zero results, I felt I should post a thread. So what are some decent bass headphones and earphones sub $100 USD? Keep in mind they will probably end up getting destroyed so it doesn't necessarily have to be best in class for the money. Thanks for your help!

Blazin' Tap Tap Tappity 2 You
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JVC HA-S680 has an amazing bass, tight and punchy.




Just 81$ shipped worldwide on eBay:




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