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I used to despise Grado...

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Years back, I auditioned an SR-60 to see if it is for me. When I heard it, I went eww. It's congested congested and harsh. They are often touted as the rock can, I happen to be not that into rock. Thus since the beginning of this hobby, I thought Grado isn't for me.

Fast forward to recently, I thought most of my headphones are too "polite" lack "bite". Trumpets, electric guitars, they just don't have much edge. So I thought, may be I need a Grado in my line up? Black Friday tends made me think about buying stuffs. After a couple of days of research, I went to a store and auditioned most of the mid/low end Grados with a variety of pads. I walked away with an SR80i and a pair of bowl pads.

A couple of thoughts:
- I read a lot about the pizza box. But I think pizza has nicer box. biggrin.gif
- The material felt like cheap counterfeit, even though it is genuine and made in USA.
- I paid for it, that just says how impressed I am with the sound.
- I thought they are great for acoustic too. perhaps better than rock IMHO.
- Many seem to say SR325i is the brightest sounding Grado, I thought the SR80i is the punchiest and brightest of the bunch I heard.
- I really liked the SR325is, but I worry it would sound too similar with the HE500. I also thought the SR80i with the bowl pads has a punchiness in the bass that is special.

When I got the ER-4P, I thought they were bright. Same thing for K501, HE500 and others. Now I am looking for Grados, and I picked what I thought was the brightest combination. I am wondering if my taste changes, or my upper frequency hearing is shot, or both. I hope I won't be shelling out big bucks for the high end models.

I also watch the TV show Covert Affairs. In the show, Auggie, a blind CIA analyst uses a Grado on computers all the time. I was thinking, wouldn't a monitor headphones like HD280 more suited for the task? I suspect the show is at least somewhat responsible for what I did today. tongue.gif

Just thinking out loud. smily_headphones1.gif
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Tastes change--at least slightly. I used to think I'd always like the same things, but I remember Ezra Pound wrote, (quoting from memory) "You can't expect yourself to like the same novels at 45 that you did when you were 18."


I never thought Grados would even interest me. "Grados are for rock," right? But then I read a post here about how excellent Grados are for organ music: I had to try it. Sometimes I wonder if I'm not so neutral as I think.

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