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I've been using your site a lot lately in search of new iem's and over the ear headphones because I lost my Klipsch s4 and my Sennheiser HD380 broke within a two week time period. As a wannabe audiophile, I've been going stir-crazy. My gf lent me her Sennheiser cx300's but they just dont do it for me. Today I decided on Shure SE315's, after much research here and elsewhere and the availability and selection locally (I couldn't wait for shipping!).

Now that I at least have something of decent quality to help me survive until Christmas. I'm asking for a new pair of over-ear monitors from my family and Santa ;) I would like to stay around $200-$250 range. My musical tastes are hip-hop, alternative and rock. I'm also interested in a portable amp to pump up my Android phone & headphones.

I would like to thank everyone who helped me thus far and to ask for more advise now. 

Your newest forum brother, Shane "Bodhi" Brock :)