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So im in the market for another set of buds. I narrowed it down to 5, what are your thoughts?


I currently am using klipsch x7, have had the triple fi 10 and klipsch s4 in the past, enjoyed both sets. Seem to prefer klipsch for my music taste (indie rock (mumford & sons..), classic rock (steve miller..) Americana (Avett bros..) with some classical sprinkled in here and there.


Im not looking to break the bank, no more than $200.



Klipsch x10


Senn cx985


Shure 215


AKG 375


Ety ER-4P



I think Im leaning towards the Shures or the Klipsch. But with already owning klipsch x7 maybe the x10 wouldn't be wise, anyone listen to both? Is there a big enough difference?


Ety's: The ety's are at the veeeeeeery top of my price range on Amazon for $225, I realize they may be bright, but is there enough bass to balance them out or are they too top heavy?


Ive always wanted AKGs as well. The last pair of cans I bought it came down to AKGs or Grados and I went with the latter, love my grados. I think if the Grado gr8 buds weren't $300 they would be the front runner.  There's something so enticing about a company that Quincy Jones is associated with.


And then the Senns, I had they HD 595s awhile back, they weren't my favorite but buds can sound completely different than cans. But I thought if someone has them and has positive experiences Im definitely open to Sennheiser, great brand.



Any and all help to at least help me narrow the field would be greatly appreciated!


Oh and I do have a cheap fiio e6 amp if that helps, have been looking at a PA2V2, Obviously you don't really need an amp for earbuds as far as volume goes but I like to play with different EQs, anyone know of one that gives you the ability to customize the EQ??


Thanks all!