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Looking for DX100 (pre owned/new)

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hey guys, i am looking for DX100 (pre owned/new). If anyone wants to sell their DX100, please PM me to set the price. I am in U.S, and only accept Paypal.

BTW, i also can do a trade, i have AK100 and Tralucent T1 amplifier right now.

(AK100 is a popular DAP, so i won't comment on it. Tralucent T1 might confuse you guys because it didn't show up very often in headfi while people talk about amplifiers, but i am pretty sure a lot of people heard about 1 plus 2! T1 is from the same company made 1 plus 2! And AK100 is just perfect to pair with T1. It's just AMAZING!) 

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