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Recommendations for IEMs

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I'm after some new IEMs - my current full headphones are the ultrasone hfi 780, which I currently really enjoy using. That said I am not after an IEM version of them, just thought the info would be useful.



I would be largely using them to listen to all sorts of music, anything really - like wye oak, mutemath, bt, kashiwa daisuke, tc, black sun empire, noisia, as well as progressive house etc. I'm aware this probably doesn't really give a specific idea but they need to be relatively versatile.




Sound wise, I'd be after some that give a decent bass response (I'm not after anything too bassy but I'd need to be able to feel the low end well without it being overwhelming or tiring) and fairly clean, clear high end without being harsh.




Id be listening on either my lumia 925 or cowon s9 or through my laptop with one of the external sound blaster 5.1 cards (i may upgrade the sound card at some point though) and have a fiio e5 (i think, don't have it to hand) when needed.




In terms of price range, as I'm in the uk its hard to gauge us prices as they tend to vary quite wildly from what I've seen but I have been looking at ultimate ears triple fi 10, audio technika cks90, v moda vibrato and gr07 bass edition just to give an idea of price range (I've found prices tend to vary a lot) and being able to get a hold of them in the uk would be a factor (though I'm not averse to having them shipped if its a really good price or something)




If anyone needs any more info let me know, sorry for the rambling wall of text!

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I have the GR07BE. These are the best IEMs I ever owned. I don't think you can go wrong with them as they have very little cons. You can get them for USD$130 with free shipping to U.K from this site:


The TF10 is out of production and the closest sound signature to the TF10 is the Tpeos H-100, which I also own and compared to the GR07BE, I very much prefer the GR07BE.

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The shure se215 sound pretty good when upgraded. They are a very versatile pair for any genre almost
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I'm tempted by the gr07s, though lendmeurears seems to have a bit of a mixed bag of reviews on this site - I'm not averse to taking the risk, but Ill need to look a bit more.
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