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I don't have so much knowledge about headphones, or audio in general.


So I ask you:

What is the big difference between AURVANA PLATINUM and AURVANA GOLD?
What is it with the platinum version that makes up for the almost 100€ difference in price compared to the gold? I'm planning to buy one of these, but if it's only the noise reduction and a minor design difference, maybe I'll buy the gold version.

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The biggest difference is the fact that the Platinum set has 50mm drivers, it may not seem like it would make that much of a difference, but the sound quality and range of what you will hear will be much better than the Gold. Also depending on your personal ear size, the 50mm drivers will have a slightly larger housing and cup size, so they are potentially more comfortable. The other half of the equation does seem to be that the Platinum has better ANC technology, with several different modes depending on where you are and what you would need to be blocking. And a small third part is that if the Platinum are sporting real leather coverings, the price increases slightly as well. They may stand out a bit more, but personally the Platinum are a much better looking set of headphones anyway, so you'll be sure to look as good as what you hear.

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Great answer. Thanks! biggrin.gif
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Hi, noticed you asked about the creative aurvana headphones a few months ago and wondered if you could tell me how you got on and if they are any good? I have the cheaper creative wp-300 which are excellent sounding. Have to admit though, the aurvana platinum do look amazing!
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I did some research and read some reviews and I came to the conclusions that they are not worth buying right now. What I've read is that they have ok/good sound but that they feel a little bit cheap and there are other wireless headphones out there that are better and with the same price or cheaper.

This is only what I've read and I haven't tried them myself. I have to admit that they LOOK amazing but I recommend you do some more research and wait for some more reviews or wait for a price drop.

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Sold my gold:-) quite good on Bluetooth mode...but needs an amp if u go on the cable.
I didn't need wireless really.
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Ok, I NEED wireless because I always brake everything with cables..... Would you recommend the gold or do you believe that there are better options? 

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Find a headfone with detachable cabling...so that if u pulled it at accidentally, it wont damage the can.


As in all things with too much electronics, the probability of malfunction is always a bother to me..

real or imagined :P

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if You have not bought yet - quick advice: Sony MDR-10RBT

long story short: can't beat that, especially in its price range (sound quality, comfort, etc -wise)

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