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He already decided on the Pro700's over the DT770
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Originally Posted by willitblend View Post

He already decided on the Pro700's over the DT770

I only read the first post, sorry. :frown:

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Alright just purchased the pro700's and fiio e11, 
All up $240
Was pretty close on a last minute decision switch but stuck to it. This gonna be good

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I payed $200 for everything. But then again I got mine repackaged. New headphones and all but in a different box. Or was supposed to be in a different box. Got them in the original box but it was beat to hell but somehow the headphones were pristine inside. Don't know how because the box was literally beat to hell. It looked like someone took the box and stepped on it,flattened it and left it outside in the rain and then took the headphones put them inside the box and taped it all up and put it in a fancy package to have it mailed in 2 days.
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haha, Mind you willitblend i live in Australia.
189 posted for the headset - storedj,com.au
60 for amp - Noisymotel.com.au

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So i just received the pro700mk2's (havn't got the amp yet), Kinda let down abit on the bass :/ It seems that my $38 senheiser cx175 in ear headphone pack more punch in the bass department and clarity, this is really weird..

Contemplating switching to the beyerdynamic dt770's..

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You have no idea what the HP sounds like if you don't have an amp yet. Patience.
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Got The Amp aswell today, it's charging at the moment will report back :]

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We're you using your laptop without the amp? Most laptops have bad sound cards so that might be why. Plus you've got to give them time to burn in.
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And on your iPhone turn the EQ on to "Bass Boost" It works well surprisingly.
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And keep in mind the E11 is a relatively cheap amp..to get the most of of them you'd need a better amp or a desktop amp to use with your laptop.
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And at the louder volumes you'll find the bass starts to distort a little and the upper frequencies start to overpower the bass which is called clipping. Basically it means the amp can't handle it anymore (the headphones definitely can though if you give them the power) and iPod/iPhones or any smartphones aren't the best MP3 players. You'd get much better sound from something like a Cowen or the Fiio X3 and a good quality amp. iPhones and iPod only play 256kbps tracks if you buy music from iTunes which itself aren't the best quality files. So don't expect TOO much from an iPhone and a $60 portable amp. My advice is,after a couple weeks you don't find the sound quality to be as good as you like then you save up your money and buy a good MP3 player and amp instead of new headphones all together because using an iPhone/iPod is always going to be holding your headphones back in some way.
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Just know you're going to spend a lot of money upgrading because now that you've got good headphones you'll just want more and more and more until you've possibly spent your life savings.
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LOL thank you so much willitblend, The amp works a charm i'm keeping these headphone i get where people feel uncomfortable but you honestly get you to it! 
When i first tested them they were average i was like mmm ok.. then it just started to get a little better than with the amp it was REEALLLY good,
It was with the laptop (macbook pro), i'll be using this alot for my listening also is it me or is the input cable for the E11 really loose and keeps coming out, will it matter if i just use any double aux end cable with it?


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Yes but the Fiio cable works best
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