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IMO. the M50 is bass heavy... it certainly has bass that is elevated a decent way above neutral.

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Bassheads find them extremely bass lite.I for one find them almost completely lacking in bass,especially next to the Pro700. The M50's are just so boring. I hate using them for Hip-hop,rap,dubstep. Anything with bass. I use them for classical and opera as I find with a little EQ in the upper range makes vocals and strings sound quite amazing. Despite the complete lack of soundstage. Which the Pro700 somehow have a wider soundstage than the M50 and better mids .
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I own both M50 and DT770 Pro 80ohm version. I would recommend DT770 over M50 for Hip-hop and bass heavy music in general. DT770 has more bass and high compared to M50 and is more comfortable. M50's will squeeze your ears and you cannot wear them for more than an hour. Downside of DT770 is that it doesn't fold nicely so the portability is an issue. It definitely benefits from even an entry level DAC and amp so if you can afford, you should invest in them too.

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I hear good things about the Beyers. Almost bought them but decided on the Pro700 MK2 because I knew the DT770 were for home use really and about $70 more than what I paid for the Audio technicas. But since he has a big budget then price is no problem. But I believe he said he would be taking them out in public. He probably already bought a pair as this thread is somewhat old.
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Hey there, willitblend No i am still here and no this thread is still relatively new.. :D

jjcoolaus Thanks heaps for the websites definitely will be checking them out! "mainly home use" well i pretty much won't be using these for public just anywhere i can just jam out too on different computers ipods, that type of environment.
I am definitely considering getting a amp (most probably portable) but still i kinda want to get a headphone thats does not necessarily need an amp but i am willing if it really makes that much of a difference! 

playdo2 & willitblend- Thankyou!! i had read many reviews and yeah thats why i did not take the m50's into consideration, although some people back them i don't want to take the risk

Atm it's still a toss up between the 
Audio Technica ATH-PRO700MK2
SHURE SRH750D & the Beyerdynamic DT770 PRO-80ohm 
I am also considering the custom pro ones and 
V-moda m100 (only thing is the price unless any of you can provide me a link to a good price?)
^ Everyone have you say and tell me which is i should go for :DDD

You guys are sick! A great little community going for audiophiles and beginners 

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No problem. The Shure are going to have the least bass out of the three just so you know. More on the M50's bass level. But heres what you can expect from the Audio technicas and the Beyers

The DT770 will be more comfortable. Overall better sound quality and are better for most genres of music.

The ATH-Pro700 MK2 are built extremely well,you can abuse them as much as you want. Excellent isolation keeps most noise out. Flat out better for portable use. Overall have more bass and are just a fun sounding pair of headphones. Excellent for Hip-hop and rap and dubstep. However not so good with other genres. Not terrible but they Beyers are better for Rock,Classical,Jazz and genres alike.
The Beyers still have lots of bass but the Pro700 MK2 are capable of more.
So if you really only listen to Hip-hop and rap,want to use on the go and want a well built and fun sounding pair of heaphones get the Pro700 MK2.
If you want better sound quality and want to listen to a wide set of genres and still have good bass then get the Beyers. But keep in mind they are hardly portable.
Also the Beyers have more of a punchy bass while the Pro700 MK2 have a deeper bass that you feel.
And keep in mind BOTH need to be amped or else they sound iffy. Fiio products are cheap and work well for the price.
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maybe SR325 is what you are looking for. It's amazing in both mids and highs as well, unlike some other bassy headphone that the bass overwhelms the mids.  

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Hell yeah willitblend !
Summed it up perfectly thank you

I'll definatly buy a fiio. 
Im looking for that really deep vibrating feel bass.
On top of the two ATH-pro700 & the beyer's how do they compare to the v-moda m100's? And do you have any other recommendations that can top all three that's reasonably priced.
Thanks hope the questions don't annoy you :bigsmile_face:

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Not sure about the M100 except they are around $300 and the ATH-Pro700 MK2 are around $150. In my opinion I dont see the extra money to be worth it. The Pro 700 MK2 and a good amp will not dissapoint. Especially if you want that deep vibrating bass that they deliver.
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Ok so i've pretty much settled this going to get either one, Can you tell me a good fiio amp to get?
Portable or non portable? (i'd probably prefer portable, cheaper too) But tell me the differences, and which models to purchase. 
Thanks for everything willitblend btw

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Also what about beyerdynamic custom pro ones?

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I wonder why e11 recommend and not the e17. If you listen from laptop is a dad/amp combo not preferred.
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Well he says cheap and portable. The E11 is $60 while the E17 is $120. And the ATH-Pro700 MK2,which I believe is what hes set on doesn't require anymore than the E11. Its cheap,works well with the headphones and has nice and simple features such as three EQ settings which include Bass boost. The Pro 700 MK2 and E11 are exactly what he wants. I dont see a reason to complicate it anymore.
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And Rodawg,it seems your set on the Pro 700 so go get em' and enjoy! You wont be dissapointed.
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Thanks yep pretty much set on the pro 700's :D with the e11! 
Hows that sound

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