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Hi guys, 


was contemplating weather to buy a portable amp for my 1964 q's and denon d2000's as of current i am powering these using my htc one. I was wondering if getting an amp would make the sound and all the notes better.


not looking for fiio, something more high end, if you guys could advise me with an amp that will have  great synergy with my iems and headphones it would be of great help.


i have narrowed down to these:


Jds - c5d 

Leckerton uha 6smk2 and uha 760

tralucent t1

c&c xo2

Rsa - shadow, p-51, sr71a

neco soundlab v3

Pico power, pico, pico slim

heir rendition 1

lear fsm02-v2

apex glacier

portaphile 627 and 627x

meier quickstep

vorzuge pure, duo

just uha120ds, aha120

orb jade


i know these are alot of amps...any that u think are definetely not suited to my headphones..ill take them of the list and any that u think are very good.


Thanks alot in advance :)