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Opinions on these IEMs?

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Hey guys, I'm looking to buy a new pair of IEMs, hoping to keep the price under $150. I mostly listen to rock and hip-hop, and my taste in rock tends to lean towards the heavier side of things (a lot of punk-influenced bands). After a bit of research I came up with a few possibilities, but I'd love a second opinion from some people who actually know about headphones. Here's what I've been looking at:


Yamaha EPH-100






VSonic GR06



Grado iGi



I'd just like to know which of these would fit my needs the best, and which would give the most bang/buck.



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I haven't tried the ones you listed, but the shure se215 are rated the best IEM at ~$100, and I do say, (quoting PC mag) "they have no business sounding this good." I think they sound great with a fiio rc cable upgrade (same cost of a shure replacement cable) and some of shure's triple flange tips
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Yeah I've heard really good things about those ones as well. Anyone know how they stack up against the ones I posted?
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