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secret santa help

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Hi fellow head-fiers,

as you can tell by the paper decorations smothered on walls, it is again the joyous winter celebration of christmas in which we celebrate the birth of christ by giving gifts to one another, from this arose secret santa, in which groups of friends bought each other presents without knowing who is buying for who. Luckily, I had it easy, a group of my close friends at college decided to do secret santa and one of them had lost a pair of "white headphones" and when I was given the person I would be buying the gift for, it was by co-incidence, the person who had lost their headphones. (their dad is an audiophile actually XD) and I would like to buy them a pair of earphones, not monoprice 8320s, as I have observed, what most people seem to care about with earbuds/ in ears is that they stay in, they are comfortable, and they are loud enough. Being an audiophile, I would like to add good sound to that.
the requirements:
under £10
good sounding
good with no amp
good looking
thank you in advance, if anyone else wishes to post their secret santa problems on this thread, feel free

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