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Best Value Hifiman HE-400 Cable

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Hey All,


My stock cables have broken and I am looking for a replacement pair. I have done some searches for after-market cable upgrades (cuz why not upgrade?) and come across what seem like the standard Hifiman cables (i.e. Toxic cables). However, there are many offerings / discussion about DIY cables. I sort of understand what makes a cable "better" than another, but don't know their sonic differences and don't wish to make my own.


To that end, can anyone recommend a ready-to-use cable to pair with my HE-400s for <$100? If there is any noticeable sound quality differences in cables, looking for something that synergizes with electronic music.


Potential Cable:

- the one I'm most considering, but am worried that the home-made cable will be broken / flawed and I won't know how to fix it 

- also, the seller says there is some room for changing the cable parts - any recommendations on deviations?



Thanks as always, and I really appreciate the community's advice.

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BTG audio has the cheapest custom cables that I'm aware of. Check out the budget line. I don't know if they sound any different than the stock cables; I wouldn't really expect it. 

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