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For Sale: Lenco L75 turntable

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For Sale:
Lenco L75 turntable

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Up for sale is a Lenco L75 in very nice condition. A conservative 6/10 on the Audiogon scale. I purchased this from a member of Lenco Heaven and it is in perfect working condition. The one flaw is there is a crack in one of the dust cover hinges. The dust cover (smoked brown color) also has lots of swirl marks on it. These usually do not come for sale in this condition.

If you are interested in these Lencos I'm sure you know they can be truly outstanding once they are in a heavier plinth with better motor isolation. This was my plan, but I gave up my shop/wood working tools when we moved to our new house. Arthur Salvatore's thoughts on his Jean Nantais Lenco here, which replaced his Forsell Air Force turntable.

Forums price- $350 plus shipping. I'm always happy to ship to our international friends, but given the weight and size of the TT I will have to keep this sale limited to the lower 48 states.

Shipping details- I will make sure it is well packed, sent via UPS or Fedex insured. It will be shipped in two separate boxes. The tonearm will be removed. The motor will also be packed separately as LH advises.

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Is the Lenco L75 still on sale?

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