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Schiit Modi ($99) + Schiit Magni ($99) + AKG K550 (~$200)


K550 you can use easy with your ipod as portable headphones also.

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• I definitely like bass, my current headphones seem kinda boring and that's why I'm upgrading. They are pretty flat lined in most cases. I like exciting and loud sounds. Crisp audio. 


. My tastes do vary greatly but I am willing to spend over 350 if it is definitely worth it, but bass is the most important. So primarily rap, drum and bass, some alternative/rock stuff, and the occasional indie folk rock stuff. 


• While I will be mainly using it at home, being portable would be ideal but not necessary. 


• I listen to music off my desktop and my sound card is: THX® TruStudio PC™ (allegedly). Or in very rare cases a semi-****ty dell laptop or an iPod touch (2nd gen) 


• As for AMP/DAC i'm not entirely fluent in the audio terms but my friend recommended me Fiio e11 + to give it crystal clear audio. My understanding is that DACs give clearer audio and AMPs just change treble/bass? (Sorry if that is incoherent).

Audio Technica ATH-A900X ($200) closed headphones, they can easily work plugged directly into your desktop PC, Dell laptop or iPod.

This morning i finally replace the stock ear pads on my A900X with Hifiman Velour ear pads ($10).


The Fiio E17 portable DAC/Amp could be used with the desktop, laptop and iPod.

Should improve audio quality (at least a little) with all three sources.

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