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Hi all,


Just want to try HDTracks, and bought a Ella Fitzgerald album there. The selected format was AIFF 24/192. My CD player can read WMA files. I have two questions:


Question 1 - Which is the best way to convert AIFF to WMA?


Question 2 - Which is the best way to convert AIFF 24/192 to WMA 24/96? I have a software in my computer called "Switch Sound File Converter Plus" which is able to take the AIFF file and convert it into a WMA 2 channel 24/96 using different codecs, but since I do not understand very well how the codec selection can affect the sound quality, and how to avoid artefacts and other problems in the down-sampling, I would really appreciate your advices.


Question 3 - Can I download a HDtrack album in another format (I know there is any wma option), once bought?


Thanks in advance for your answers,



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Without actually trying everything, I'm pretty sure this will do everything you need assuming you are using a Windows PC:




I've used it to convert almost every type of music file.

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