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I Need Help for Choosing new Speakers!

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Hi, I'm sorry for making another thread about this issue, but I really need help and I don't have much time to invest about it.

I'm looking for a pair of speakers (I think 2 is better than 2.1 for the price) for listening to music, basically. I'll use them on the computer; I don't need too much power (I never use an high level of volume). What I want is audio quality.

The budget is 130€ (pretty low, eh?), but the lower it can go, the better (without harming the quality very much). I was thinking about the BEHRINGER MS16 (68€, active) or the JBL Control One (99€, passive).
I also don't know if I need an external amp for the passive speakers, I've got a FiiO E10 and a Xonar DG. I don't even know if I can plug them into it.
I Think it is interesting to say too that I live in Spain, Europe, because some models are not available here.

Thank you very much, my lovely community of Head-Fi.

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Passive speakers need an amp, not a headphone amp not a. Sound card. You need to stick to active or powered speakers.
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Get a Pioneer SP-BS22-LR (around $120) and a Lepai 2020+ Amp which is dirt cheap. You should get the Pioneers easily in Europe

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I can't find the SP-BS22-LR model in any shop that delivers to Spain (even using buying search engines). Maybe it's only a USA model. I'm only able to find them at eBay, for 150€ ($200 USD), and maybe it is not worth it. (I'm looking for a cheaper possibility)

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Active speaker is the best possible solution (not only with tight budget) in choosing a loudspeaker. You avoid the pitfals of picking the right amplifier, and cables, which one only could do bad without experience and knowledge. Behringer is an ok. professional manufacturer, they have great experience to produce good quality at price. I would stick with them.  

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Maybe I should go for the YAMAHA NX-50 at 80€, I'm not sure if it is worth for me to pay for an external dedicated amp.

But they have only one woofer...

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Hola, the yamahas are toys. I would go for Behringer MS 20. Maybe you can find one used on the net or on the ebay. In audio better to go to the best possible solution, because you would anyway get a fever of upgradatis sooner or later. MS 20 is a more serious product and may represent a longer term solution. 

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Bumping just to know more alternatives. Thanks.

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