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Secrets Of The Who

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Everybody talks about "Tommy," "Quadrophenia" or "Who's Next."


Yes, I love all three of those! They're all great.


However, I think the most underrated album by The Who is "The Who By Numbers" from 1975.


Nobody ever talks about that one, but it's so damn good. Pete Townsend really got introspective on that one.


There are so many people that claim to be fans of The Who, but if you ask them about "The Who By Numbers," they've never even heard it!


It's a shame, because it's so damn good.

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Totally agreed!   Imagine a man,  Blue, red and grey, They're all in love,  Dreaming from the waste on down.,...every song on that record (except maybe squeezbox) is sung SO WELL with so much emotion!  Both Roger and Pete are terrific.  I get a REAL emotional charge from when listening to it.


"Who Are You" is another.  Guitar and Pen, Love Comes Down

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And a fantastic album cover drawn by J. Entwistle and the lyrics are some of the most funny ones that the Who ever wrote, like "Squeeze box"...

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