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For Sale: BHSE

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For Sale:

Will Ship To: Anywhere



  1. In 7/10 condition physically.  In 10/10 condition sonically.  Works flawlessly.  There are a few minor scratches. There is one major scratch on the faceplate of the power supply (please see pictures) I would imagine that if this bothers you, Justin could send you a replacement faceplate for a reasonable price. Even though in the picture that scratch looks serious, the camera has a better I than I do.  In real life it is barely noticeable unless you focus on it up close.
  2. Includes RK50 volume control.
  3. Includes two Original Stax jacks which I believe is unique to this BHSE.
  4. Includes a Hi-Fi Tuning “Supreme” fuse already installed in the unit.
  5. Includes two umbilical chords.  The first is the standard length which allows the Power section to be placed right next to the amplifier.  The second is approximately three times that length and allows a greater separation between the power source and amplifier.
  6. Includes a matched quad of brand new EL34PH tubes (I paid close to $400 for them.)  Many claim they are the best new issue tubes.  They have less than 30 hours on them and come in their original box with all documentation.
  7. Currently the unit is set to 230volts.  I can have my technician change the voltage to US voltage should you request.  The transformer is the same.  It is only a matter of adjusting a few wires in the power supply section.


Please check my Audiogon feedback, which is all positive.  My Audiogon name is “tzvir”.  I will ONLY sell to someone who also has positive feedback on E-bay, Amazon, Head-fi, Audiogon, etc.


Price:  $5,600 including PayPal fees and worldwide shipping with a tracking number and insurance to your door within one week of receipt of payment.  I will accept reasonable offers as well.


From what I can tell, the current price for a new BHSE is  $6596 not including shipping, the extra umbilical chord, the audiophile fuses, or the tubes I am offering in this package.  Not to mention the speed of delivery I can offer because the amplifier is already built.  Of course, my unit is used and does have some minor cosmetic damage.  Based on these factors I weighed out my price.


I am not sure that my price is reasonable.  In the past I have been PM’d by head- fier’s who have informed me that I have overcharged or undercharged for items I have had for sale and I appreciate their kindness in helping me out.  I want to offer this amplifier at a fair market price, so please advise me if I am out of bounds and I will make proper adjustments.  Your help would be appreciated.


I am selling this amplifier because I want to change over to a dynamic system.  Twice in the past I was considering this route but got cold feet at the end.  This time- I really took my time and let the idea sit for a while and I have decided to go ahead with the sale. 


I would consider a trade for one of the following (plus cash):




  • LCD-3 
  • ATH W-3000ANV
  • Fostex TH-900

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Out of curiosity, what's the age of the BHSE? Is this a 2012 delivered model?



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No.  It was the first BHSE ever built-  Serial #001.

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Collector's item, right there.

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It was Justin's original personal BHSE.   He had two Original Stax Jacks left at that time- so I paid him an extra $150 to install them.

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