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Do you hear crosstalk with this track?

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I just replaced the minijack on my Etymotic ER4P and I hear a good amount of crosstalk (about 1/5th the perceived volume of the opposite channel).


I tried with a pair of Samsung IEMs that came with my Galaxy S and I also heard a bit of crosstalk, albiet much less (about 1/10th).


I'm trying to figure out if a bit of crosstalk is normal or should there be no audible crosstalk at all.

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No audible crosstalk with my speaker setup.

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I don't hear any crosstalk on my speakers either.


I just ordered a set of monoprice 8320 and I hear a decent amount of crosstalk.

I need to know if the crosstalk in my etymotics are normal so I can decide if I want to spend $50 for a replacement cable.

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Well when i tested the youtube using my iphone 5S and my Sennheiser PX100-ii I heard the same thing in both the left channel and right channel (100% crosstalk) :basshead:


.... But actually that was just silly me. Pressing the "HQ" button on the youtube video made the audio track stereo again. And as expected, no audible crosstalk.


I suspect the issue maybe youtube related, it isnt the most reliable source (and method) as a crosstalk check.


Also, did your etymotics exhibit crosstalk problems before you replaced your cable?

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I never bothered to check the crosstalk before I replaced the cable. But after I replaced the cable, it just didn't give me that same sense of transparency that I was so accustomed to with my Etys. I decided to do tests with it and found it had a good degree of crosstalk.


I also tried setting youtube to 1080p and I heard the same amount of crosstalk. 

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Very odd indeed. Two things you might want to try before recabling:


1) A different source

2) A good pair of headphones/earphones for comparison

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I've tried several sources including my laptop, my iBasso D2+ Boa USB DAC, and my desktop soundcard. Same results in all three.


I don't have another good pair of headphones so I was hoping someone else here could help test that for me, especially someone else with etymotics.

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Don't worry, your cable is fine. Hearing the other channel quitter is common. Some iems are better in this regard than others and also this can be affected by the source and loudness as in some iems you have to push the volume to hear that. And yeah, headphones and speakers usually have better separation and that's why you're not hearing it on your speakers.

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I got a replacement set of stock etymotic cables and the crosstalk was still there.

I then bought a set of aftermarket shure cables with the adapter for my etymotics and there was absolutely no crosstalk at all!



It's curious to me why Etymotic would choose to have crosstalk in their cables.

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