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Static (In-Ear) - Recable?

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Hi guys - 


I've been noticing lately as the winter season rolls into New York that when I wear certain materials (wool sweaters mixed with nylon, down jackets, clothes prone to creating static electricity) I get a distinct and annoying static sound in my In-Ear Earphones. It's noticeably caused by my clothes as the sound is link to my movements - standing still at the intersection? Music is perfect. But as soon as I step out to cross the static begins. Or even if I just turn my head from side to side to check the traffic, there's noticeable "rasping" of static noise. 


My question is: 


Would recabling with a non-rubber material remedy my problem? 


If so, can anyone point me in the right direction to getting my in-ear recabled?


Thanks in advance,

x E

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Anybody out there? (Aside: Am I plugged in?) 

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