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Need 40 buck headphones

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Im looking for new headphones under 40 bucks. My previous headphones were sony mdr-xd100's. I want something that sounds better if possible in that price that isn't muffled at all and sounds clear with a noticeable bass response. They will be used almost completely for metal listening. what i have been looking at so far has been

koss prodj100 

panasonic RP-HTF600-S

sony mdr-xb600

superlux hd662 closed back 

superlux 681 evo.

Please add any others you wish if you think they are better for the same price. Over ear and closed back is what im wanting most. Thanks

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Have you looked into any IEM's?  I don't feel that I've had enough experience with different brands to recommend a particular one, but they can be a more economical answer and still give a great listening experience.

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Im not that into IEM's. im more of an over ear headphones guy

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