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Peachtree Nova w/ Snell E/IIIs - B&K Amp Upgrade?

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Thanks to a great recommendation, I purchased a refurb Peachtree Nova to drive my Snell type E/III's. I really respect what's going on with the DAC/preamp side of the nova but after having a few buddies bring over some discrete power amplifiers to try out, I think my next step is to use the Nova where it shines just as a preamp and DAC. Right now, I can grab an old B&K ST-120 for around $75. I like what I hear about the ST-120 and 140 about sound and reliability and I'm really looking to further curtail the brilliance I get from the Snells. Also, is it possible to use the existing integrated on the Nova to power the woofer on the snells and the B&K for the tweeters? I've read that when the Nova preamp outs are hooked up, the amplifier stays active. And the only negative I've heard claimed on the B&K is a bit of a hollow low end from the ST series whereas I really enjoy the way the nova drives the bass extension of the Snells.
... Usually playing a wide variety of flac tunes via optical out on my MacBook Pro. Occasionally some vinyl on a pioneer PL-512, shure m97xe cart and CA 551P stage (my next path to upgrade). Playing with the Nova tube stage active and the DAC chip set to "sharp" (I find that these two settings are a nice mix. The sharp settings gives a nice presence and cleaner imaging on higher quality digital sources and then lets the tube smooth overall characteristics...
Anywho, what are thoughts on the B&K? And is it possible/worth trying to bi-amp, using the Nova for the woofer and the B&K for the tweeters?
Info on the ST-120 amp: sorry, it's not much. http://www.bkcomp.com/fileadmin/content/bk_support/FAQ/Previous%20Amp%20Specs.pdf
Thanks! Sorry kind of a long winded post for a simple question
EDIT: should include the stereophile review and specs on the Snell's. Http://www.stereophile.com/content/snell-type-eiii-loudspeaker-specifications
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I'd think the 120 bi-amped to the tweeters would be a good way to go. I use a B&K on my stats and liked the sound better than the Rotels I was using. The B&K is more relaxed and better soundstage on those stat panels and have plenty of reserve current for loud listening. You could swap the two amps around to see what you like better on your tweeters.

And welcome to Head Fi.
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