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Wanted: WTB: Custom IEM cable with Westone/JH pins

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WTB: Custom IEM cable with Westone/JH pins

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Looking for some IEM cables in the $100 price range, give or take a bit. Not really sure what I'm looking for, but offer me. More interested in cables that have good flexibility and usability and would prefer no memory wire and a right-angle plug, but not too picky. PM me if you have any!

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I have a spare "starlight CIEM cable sleeved with oyaide rhodium straight SE 3.5mm termination" that i have used lightly. I switched to an RSA mini balanced cable and no longer use the mentioned cable. pm me if interested.


my impressions on the cable in comparison to stock:

makes the sound "warmer" 

soundstage becomes a bit wider

bass is improved

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