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M-Audio BX D2 Help!!

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Hey all! New member here with my first post. Always read stuff on this site and finally decided to make an account to ask my specific question about my new speakers.


I just bought BX5 D2's and bought a 3.5mm to 1/4" Y cable to hook them up to my macbook pro. I will mainly be using these to just listen to music through my laptop and future record player that I am going to buy. I was just wondering should I buy a DAC to get more out of my speakers? Will it make a difference? Should I get a DAC/amp or do I not need an amp because the speakers are bi-amped. Just wondering what is the best set-up for getting the loudest/clearest sound for listening to songs coming from a macbook pro and record player. Hopefully someone can help me answer all these questions. Thanks!

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Normally when anyone on Head-Fi says DAC-Amp or DAC/Amp, the amp refers to a headphone amp (we just didn't get around to calling it a "receiver" as they do with speakers). So no, you don't need an amp, unless you're planning to add headphones.


As for loudest and clearest, it depends on the output specs of your Macbook. Some DACs can sound cleaner because they have the right impedance and voltage for feeding an amp, not necessarily that if and when the computer totally sounds like crap it's all because the DAC on it sucks. That said it's no guarantee - I have a D-Zero and used with active speakers before, the computer was louded but the response was a little rough (some treble peaks and here and there), but in fairness, the D-Zero was too warm.

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Without having heard your speakers, it's hard to comment on whether they have the resolution to show the difference in a better DAC than the one in your laptop. At £149 for speakers and the built in amp, in my opinion, probably not.

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