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Hi all,


I have been browsed around the site previously when looking at a pair of in ear monitors and more recently in trying to figure out the right way to go for gaming headphones. On both occasions the site has provided a wealth of knowledge and I am now the proud owner of Westone 4 iem's, (and as of this week) Fiio E12 amp, Astro Mixamp (2013). I also have an AGK K702 Annie on the way.


I wouldn't classify myself as an audiofile by any standard but previously felt like some companies out there are charging more for a recognisable name than quality (I'm thinking Beats by Dr. Dre). The Westone 4's were my first purchase had me hooked from the get go. I found myself actually experiencing my music, hearing things for the first time in songs I had listened to many times over. Sufficed to say,they were a clear step up from the £20 Skullcandy's I had (which in themselves were a big step up from the free earphones you always get).


I look forward to continuing on this path, learning more and maybe one day, being able to contribute to this community from what I have learnt?!