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ATH-M50s Review

First Impressions-I paid $200 for these?!? These dont sound like $200...they sound like my $30 Skullcandies.

Impressions Two Years Later-They definitley sound like $200 but I would have rather paid around $150 for these,but hey im cheap. Anything other than these sound muddy,thin and dull.

Comfort-Ehhhhh pretty uncomfortable. Hurts the ears after a bit.

Looks-If looks are your thing i've been told they look way huge on my head and a bit goofy. But im more about sound.

Lows-Bass can go pretty deep,decent mid bass but overall these dont have nearly enough bass for my tastes. It seems they have might have just enough kick for those who like bass but not alot.

Mids-Mids are recessed and sometimes it can get a bit muddy. Depending on what you like, sometimes the mid-range can sound pretty good.

Highs-The strong suit of these cans. Very clear and crisp and detailed. Not very livley but sound good.

Soundstage-EPIC FAIL OF A SOUNDSTAGE. Tiny and cramped. These would make a great set of cans for classical music if things were more open. For heavy rockers and head bangers guitars can sound muddy due to poor seperation.

For Hip-hop and rap I find these lacking bass,but for reggae these are great because they have just enough kick for a good bassline while hip-hop bass is really more bass than a beat,if you know what I mean. For Dubstep I think these are fantastic,the detailed lower end can really shine. For classical the highs can sometimes make up for that small soundstage. Strings are often well defined and sharp sounding. And if opera is your thing I find vocals to be weak and distant. For rock like I stated earlier can be iffy. These cans are pretty warm and sometimes can be a bit bright.

The verdict-Good price,Good for people who like a wide range of music BUT if your genre specific there are cans that do a better job but only for that genre. Like the Grado SR80i,for cheaper they outperform theM50 at rock but dont sound good with dubstep. Or the cheaper Sennheiser HD555,way better for classical but thats it. These are not genre specific.
This is my first review so leave feedback.