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My BIL and SIL picked up a used 30gb iPod at a garage sale and now my niece is listening to music on a regular basis. I am eager to support her interest in listening to music and when she asked for good earphones for Christmas I volunteered myself to buy them.


She likes a lot of pop music from the 80's and 90's plus some more current pop like Lady Gaga and possibly Jewel.  


I don't get the impression that she is a bashed and she seemed concerned about comfort and isolation.

I have a short list here:


Vsonic GR02 Bass Edition


Vsonic VC02


Vsonic R02 Silver


Vsonic VSD1


She is pretty smart and well behaved kid, so I am not concerned about her trashing her stuff.


I also thought about the Etymotic Research ETY-Kids but while they are good IEM's, she is 13 on Christmas so I don't want to give her something with "Kids"in the name.


Thanks for the help. She is turning out well and I want to encourage the healthy interest in music that she is developing.